Monday, January 16, 2012

Magic ball

What a wonderful toy! It seems to circling sequins, the dance of small figures can be monitored indefinitely. Try to put a glass bowl on the holiday table - you'll see all of your guests, young and old alike will be mesmerized by his charm just. Perhaps it's better than to immerse your head in the flat screen TV. Not to mention that the magic ball brought together all seated at the festive table, participants will make total magic of the action, while television, on the contrary, only divided.

Remarkably, this miniature will look, and under the tree, unless it is on the floor. Another option - turn the ball into the composition of fir branches and garlands. It is important to highlight the lighting. In this case, even a good directional light table lamp. Lamp, of course, also have to somehow decorate, so for the holiday season to forget about her clerical functions.

But make no crystal ball part of the permanent exhibition of his room. So he loses all its magic. It is better to reach for it from the far-box once a year. And then his mysterious flickering again and again will bewitch you a Christmas tale.

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