Monday, January 16, 2012

Magic ball

What a wonderful toy! It seems to circling sequins, the dance of small figures can be monitored indefinitely. Try to put a glass bowl on the holiday table - you'll see all of your guests, young and old alike will be mesmerized by his charm just. Perhaps it's better than to immerse your head in the flat screen TV. Not to mention that the magic ball brought together all seated at the festive table, participants will make total magic of the action, while television, on the contrary, only divided.

Remarkably, this miniature will look, and under the tree, unless it is on the floor. Another option - turn the ball into the composition of fir branches and garlands. It is important to highlight the lighting. In this case, even a good directional light table lamp. Lamp, of course, also have to somehow decorate, so for the holiday season to forget about her clerical functions.

But make no crystal ball part of the permanent exhibition of his room. So he loses all its magic. It is better to reach for it from the far-box once a year. And then his mysterious flickering again and again will bewitch you a Christmas tale.

Festive constructivism

Of course, this is not about the architectural style of the 20-ies. Just herringbone shamelessly flaunt their design. And once again creates a contradictory image: hard metal rods - and quite patriarchal stumps. Needles replaces difficult to define the substance, but then - the traditional cones and balls. It seems on the verge of collapse since thousands of years has imposed clear imprint on these Christmas decorations. And, thanks to the designer, who created them, we had one more opportunity to feel the exhilarating strangeness of the age in which we live.

Naturally, among such unusual trees should live not less than amazing creatures. Do not blame this deer in the inner void, it is constructive to match elkam. Besides its main task - to be trivial and at the same time beautiful and festive. Does not that he does an excellent job with it?

And now - a little test. Next to the already familiar to you two designer Christmas trees, we put a different, more familiar, golden color. Look at this picture and try to figure out which one is closest to you. And then answer yourself, as you characterize that choice. Golden Tree talks about balanced, healthy conservatism? Or vanity and self-satisfaction? And if you prefer the other two - is unsatisfied soul, interested in everything in the world? Or ugly nihilism, moodiness and all the same complacency? Stop, do not be too hard to imagine! If you're a little self-critical - hence, not all is lost. But the mood of the holidays must be good.

Night in silver

Fans of traditional oil with green needles today we grieve: their pet with us in the corps de ballet. That is, are the backdrop for the new, more extravagant beauties. But do not think that the green Christmas tree has no interest, no. We will definitely have them back. Just today in the title role - design tree. For example, this. Define its style is quite difficult. Here and sudden flood of memories of the decadence of the Silver Age, and associations with environmental light style. So what is it, in fact, in the image? The complex structure of pieces of moss, heather branches, arborvitae, God knows what - and extremely neat silhouette. Muted, low-key, almost earthy colors, and over - shiny silver ...

This echoes the amazing eating refined and unusual bouquet. It is composed of simple herb called reed, painted in soft pink. Plus a little tangled yarn golden and perfectly matched the color of the balls. That's it! But look, from the bouquet and breathes wonderful winter twilight. It's like after the thaw every twig stuck to the needle frost. And remember Pasternak

"All in the snow: the courtyard, and each chip,
And on the tree every flight ... "

Well of course have something to love winter! And protection from its sharp breath warm candles (and better - the fireplace), and can do nothing to fear.

Christmas Miniatures

In the end, does not necessarily put a huge Christmas tree. Not smaller effect can be achieved not so destructive to the home lifestyle means. For example, a garland, simulating needles to frost. It is appropriate to issue jamb door leading into the living room. Now your guests will be held in a festive New Year's room through the portal. Just do not hang an ornament in the form of amorphous letter "P". It is better to pull the door jamb on the edge of a thin invisible lace, and a garland around him obveyte. And now at your disposal something like elegant spruce branches.

The living room is a garland could repeat the form of swags at the windows and then go down along with the curtains to the floor. Similarly, good to decorate the tablecloth. For this purpose, the front side of the table (the one facing the entrance) garland stretch from corner to corner table top two unequal semicircles. Places where the decoration is fixed, mark the golden bows. End of garlands can easily go down and wrapped around the legs of the table.

Well, put a tree right on the holiday table. Of course, it should be small, and can be bought already decorated. To elegant tree look more convincing, surround it with appropriate subjects: a Christmas card, a candle in a wreath and Christmas tree decorations, etc. can be folded in a vase like fruit.

If you're not too scared of needles ubiquitous cleaning, replace the artificial Christmas tree on the table in this pine flavor. It can also add fresh flowers. Best of all - white needles asters and small red oaks. On top of a little drop of rain or attach a tangled gold ribbons.

All space must be well-lit. Do not light the overhead light. Rasstavte better on the floor or low furniture lamps, and on the table - candles.

The last trait of furniture will be suspended from the living room chandelier Blowing angel. Brittle, transparent, like a sawed ice, it would mysteriously flicker in a dark room. All you can meet people.