Monday, January 16, 2012

Festive constructivism

Of course, this is not about the architectural style of the 20-ies. Just herringbone shamelessly flaunt their design. And once again creates a contradictory image: hard metal rods - and quite patriarchal stumps. Needles replaces difficult to define the substance, but then - the traditional cones and balls. It seems on the verge of collapse since thousands of years has imposed clear imprint on these Christmas decorations. And, thanks to the designer, who created them, we had one more opportunity to feel the exhilarating strangeness of the age in which we live.

Naturally, among such unusual trees should live not less than amazing creatures. Do not blame this deer in the inner void, it is constructive to match elkam. Besides its main task - to be trivial and at the same time beautiful and festive. Does not that he does an excellent job with it?

And now - a little test. Next to the already familiar to you two designer Christmas trees, we put a different, more familiar, golden color. Look at this picture and try to figure out which one is closest to you. And then answer yourself, as you characterize that choice. Golden Tree talks about balanced, healthy conservatism? Or vanity and self-satisfaction? And if you prefer the other two - is unsatisfied soul, interested in everything in the world? Or ugly nihilism, moodiness and all the same complacency? Stop, do not be too hard to imagine! If you're a little self-critical - hence, not all is lost. But the mood of the holidays must be good.

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