Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas Miniatures

In the end, does not necessarily put a huge Christmas tree. Not smaller effect can be achieved not so destructive to the home lifestyle means. For example, a garland, simulating needles to frost. It is appropriate to issue jamb door leading into the living room. Now your guests will be held in a festive New Year's room through the portal. Just do not hang an ornament in the form of amorphous letter "P". It is better to pull the door jamb on the edge of a thin invisible lace, and a garland around him obveyte. And now at your disposal something like elegant spruce branches.

The living room is a garland could repeat the form of swags at the windows and then go down along with the curtains to the floor. Similarly, good to decorate the tablecloth. For this purpose, the front side of the table (the one facing the entrance) garland stretch from corner to corner table top two unequal semicircles. Places where the decoration is fixed, mark the golden bows. End of garlands can easily go down and wrapped around the legs of the table.

Well, put a tree right on the holiday table. Of course, it should be small, and can be bought already decorated. To elegant tree look more convincing, surround it with appropriate subjects: a Christmas card, a candle in a wreath and Christmas tree decorations, etc. can be folded in a vase like fruit.

If you're not too scared of needles ubiquitous cleaning, replace the artificial Christmas tree on the table in this pine flavor. It can also add fresh flowers. Best of all - white needles asters and small red oaks. On top of a little drop of rain or attach a tangled gold ribbons.

All space must be well-lit. Do not light the overhead light. Rasstavte better on the floor or low furniture lamps, and on the table - candles.

The last trait of furniture will be suspended from the living room chandelier Blowing angel. Brittle, transparent, like a sawed ice, it would mysteriously flicker in a dark room. All you can meet people.

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