Monday, January 16, 2012

Night in silver

Fans of traditional oil with green needles today we grieve: their pet with us in the corps de ballet. That is, are the backdrop for the new, more extravagant beauties. But do not think that the green Christmas tree has no interest, no. We will definitely have them back. Just today in the title role - design tree. For example, this. Define its style is quite difficult. Here and sudden flood of memories of the decadence of the Silver Age, and associations with environmental light style. So what is it, in fact, in the image? The complex structure of pieces of moss, heather branches, arborvitae, God knows what - and extremely neat silhouette. Muted, low-key, almost earthy colors, and over - shiny silver ...

This echoes the amazing eating refined and unusual bouquet. It is composed of simple herb called reed, painted in soft pink. Plus a little tangled yarn golden and perfectly matched the color of the balls. That's it! But look, from the bouquet and breathes wonderful winter twilight. It's like after the thaw every twig stuck to the needle frost. And remember Pasternak

"All in the snow: the courtyard, and each chip,
And on the tree every flight ... "

Well of course have something to love winter! And protection from its sharp breath warm candles (and better - the fireplace), and can do nothing to fear.

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